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Rodzaj klasztoru 31 Zakonnicy , 150 Oblaci świeccy CongregationCongregatio Americano-Casinensis (AmCas)Adres Saint Gregory's Abbey
1900 West MacArthur Drive
Shawnee, OK 74804-2403
Czas lokalnyGMT-06:00
Telefon Dzwoniąc z zagranicy cyfry w nawiasie należy opuścic. +1 405 8785491
Fax +1 405 8785189
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Kod najbliższego lotniska OKC
Najbliższe miasto Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (0)
Uniwersytety St. Gregory's University offering undergraduate degrees in Theology, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Business. The university added a Master's Degree in Management in Spring 2006. It is offered at the university campuses in Shawne (725)
Muzeum (The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art is owned by the monks of St. Gregory's Abbey and is located on the grounds of the monastery. One of the oldest museums in the state of Oklahoma, it was founded by Rev. Gregory Gerrer, O.S.B., monk of St. Gregory's Abbey at the beginning of the 20th Century. The museum's permanent collections include Egyptian, Greek and Roman objects, art from the Middle Ages and Renaissance through the early 20th Century, and large holdings of Native American, African/Oceanic and Eastern cultural artifacts. Artists such as Reni, Ribera, Barbieri, Gerome, Bougereau, Moran, Chase, Whitridge, Bierstadt and Remington are included in the collection. More information at:
Dom rekolekcyjny [gościnny]
Inne dzieła duszpasterskieIn addition to caring on a permanent basis for 4 parishes, monks are currently assisting in 2 additional parishes in Oklahoma. Ordained monks residing at the monastery also travel throughout Oklahoma on weekends to assist with sacramental needs in the absence of adequate diocesan priests.

The National Institute for Developmental Delays (NIDD) and the Oklahoma Benedictine Institute on Mental Retardation (OBIMR) were founded in the late 1960's and continue to be led by Fr. Paul Zahler, O.S.B., who is assisted by Br. Isidore Hardin, O.S.B.. Through these programs, services are provided "from womb to tomb" for persons affected by various mental and physical development delays and disabilities. Thousands of children and adults - along with their families - are served by this work.
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