Priory   Busan - Olivetan Benedictine Sisters

Olivetan Benedictine Sisters of Busan

juridic titlePriory
type of monastery 500 sisters CongregationOlivetans at the Holy Cross Federation (OlivSC)address Olivetan Benedictine Sisters of Busan
1278 Kwan-An 4 Dong
Su Yeong Gu
Busan 608-104
Rep. Korea
GMT offsetGMT+06:00
Telephone The number in parenthesis to be skipped when calling from abroad. +82 (0)51 75311315
fax +82 (0)51 7537317
email address
Email of the
code of closest major airport SEL
closest major city Busan (0) (0)
missionary work
other pastoral activitiesKatechese
patronale feastFest Kreuzerhöhung (14/14)