Abbey   Gistel

Abdij S. Godelieve "Ten Putte"

juridic titleAbbey
type of monastery 9 nuns CongregationFlemish-Dutch Province (Subl flan)address Abdij S. Godelieve "Ten Putte"
Abdijstraat, 84
8470 Gistel
Belgie / Belgique
GMT offsetGMT+01:00
Telephone The number in parenthesis to be skipped when calling from abroad. +32 (0)59 278671
fax +32 (0)59 277791
Email of the
code of closest major airport BRU
closest major city oostende (0) (0)
museum (Museum 'S.Godelieve")
other pastoral activitiesplace of pilgrimage
scientific work research history of S.Godelieve
patronale feastS. Godelieve (6/6)

The Westflemish town Gistel is renowned for S.Godelieve who in 1070 was murdered. On the site where Godelieve was martyred a picturesque Abbey of Benedictine nuns was founded. The abbey is a busy place of pilgrimage, especially in the month of July. Within the abbey walls you can also find a modern reception room with cafetaria and a museum.