Abbey   Peramiho

Peramiho Abbey

juridic titleAbbey
type of monastery 75 monks CongregationOttilien Congregation (Ott)address Peramiho Abbey
P.O. Peramiho
GMT offsetGMT+02:00
Telephone The number in parenthesis to be skipped when calling from abroad. +255 (0)25 2602162
fax +255 (0)25 2602917
email address
Email of the
code of closest major airport Dar
closest major city Songea (0) (0)

missionary work
other pastoral activities1. Peramiho Parish with 15 outstations and 28000 Catholics.
2. Vocational Training Centre the students of which (including a number of religious brothers and sisters) are trained in various trades such as mechanics, electricians, tailors and carpenters.
3. Nurses? and Midwives? Training School.
4. The hospital with more than 300 beds and two leper settlements.
5. Peramiho Printing Press and Peramiho Publications which specialize in religious books, periodicals and calendars.
6. EMAU Spiritual and Conference Centre.
7. A farm with 500 cattle and 180 pigs.
8. Other workshops: Goldsmith, flour mill, building section, etc.

printing and editing We are publishing:
religious Books
Magzines, like "Mwenge" and "Mlezi"

On July 31,1898, the Missionary Benedictines of St Ottilien opened a mission sta-tion at Peramiho in the southwest corner of presentday Tanzania. The mission sta-tion became the seat of an abbotbishop on December 15, 1927, when Rome created the Territorial Abbey of Lindi. On December 23, 1931, Rome rearranged the area of the Territorial Abbey of Lindi, creating two separate Territorial Abbeys, Peramiho in the west and Ndanda in the east. The Territorial Abbey of Peramiho reverted to a simple abbey on February 6, 1969, when the hierarchy was established. The former mission territory was eventually divided into three dioceses (Songea, Njombe and Mbinga).
In 1931, Peramiho made a foundation in Uwemba, some 200 km further north. Uwemba became a simple priory on May 1, 1962.
The Abbey of Peramiho is situated about 15 km outside the city of Songea which is linked to the capital Dar es Salaam (800 km northeast) by an allweather road.