Abbey   Ettal

Benediktinerabtei Ettal

juridic titleAbbey
type of monastery 48 monks , 40 lay oblates CongregationBavarian Congregation (Bav)address Benediktinerabtei Ettal
Kaiser-Ludwig-Platz 1
D-82488 Ettal
Deutschland (Germany)
GMT offsetGMT+01:00
Telephone The number in parenthesis to be skipped when calling from abroad. +49 (0)8822 74822
fax +49 (0)8822 74228
email address
code of closest major airport muc
closest major city Garmisch-Partenkirchen; München
schools and institutes 10-19 (450)
university Internat Ettal (0)
museum (Seit 1609 wird in der Benediktinerabtei Ettal Bier gebraut. In einem kleinen Museum kann man die Geschichte des Bierbrauens mit den modernen Braumethoden vergleichen. Telefonische Anmeldung unter 08822/74219)

printing and editing BUCH- KUNSTVERLAG ETTAL

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patronale feastHeiligste Herzen Jesu und Mariae

Ettal, almost 900 meters above sea level, is located in a narrow mountain valley of the Western Alpine foothills. (map) Before the invention of the railroad, Ettal, although near one of the most important Alpine passes and on a connecting road between Augsburg and Italy, was off the beaten path and a three-and-a-half day trip to the capital city of the Duchy and Electorate of Bavaria. Nowadays one of the most travelled and most popular roads goes through Ettal. The large, castle-like grounds of the monastery are the result of a long historical development and demonstrates one of the main concerns of a Benedictine Abbey: An independent religious community which produces everything needed for life and thus has all the important workshops and undertakings, if possible within the confines of the monastery (and how could it have been otherwise with the ancient methods of transportation?). On the other hand a monastery in old Bavaria - and not only there - was incorporated into the system of the state and society and then since the late Middle Ages had jurisdiction over the legal system, administration and taxation probably comparable to a county administration nowadays. The baroque need for self-portrayal and representation materialized in the exterior form of the abbey grounds. These factors, of course, are now only a part of history, and today's monastic community in Ettal represents a special form of a Christian community within the Roman Catholic Church.