Abbey   Subiaco - San Giovanni Battista

Monastero delle Benedettine di S. Giovanni Battista

juridic titleAbbey
type of monastery 10 nuns , 7 lay oblates Congregationmonasterium monialium extra Instituta (eI)address Monastero delle Benedettine di S. Giovanni Battista
Contrada Rapello 3
I-00028 Subiaco (RM)
GMT offsetGMT+01:00
Telephone The number in parenthesis to be skipped when calling from abroad. +39 0774 85391
fax +39 0774 85391
code of closest major airport FCO R
closest major city Rome
Underground / SubwayNo
exitHighway A24 exit: Vicovaro-Mandela (0) (0)
craft work and other products Restoration and binding of books
fine arts Ceramic
patronale feastSan Giovanni Battista (24/24)

The Monastery of San Giovanni Battista is located on the south of the town of Subiaco inside an area adjacent to east with the road sublacense; from such place the precious architectures of "Santa Scolastica" and the "Sacro Speco" can be admired. The built up area is found to the hillsides land apex, opened on the Aniene river valley, enclosed from the luxuriant wood.
"We cannot establish when it has happened first, that the Benedictines takeover in the Holy valley. The first written document laughed them to the construction of the Monastery of "Morra Ferogna", near the grave of Celidonia Saint, made from Simone Abbot of Scolastica Saint, between 1149 and 1183.
In 1245 Enrico Abbot built there the new Church and then the Monastery was entitled to Celidonia Saint.
There the Benedictines remained until the principle of XV century, when the troops of Ladislao of Naples invaded the region rendering them the life impossible; after 1414 we do not have more news of them. A century passes nearly and the Benedictines return to Subiaco for will of the Archbishop of Salerno Marcantonio Colonna and of the Abbot of Subiaco Cirillo that offers them the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Subiaco and the land in order to construct a new Monastery. Four nuns, coming from the Monastery of ?Santa Maria Maddalena? in Perugia, take to possession the 21 september 1578. The Monastery, grown in the structures, comes destroyed during the last world war on the 26 of may 1944.
The same nuns had realize in Rome the Monastery complex in Monte Mario without however stopping to wish the return between the blessed mountains. The great dream has been come true and in the new dwelling Community is reconstructed in date 18 of May 1997. ", therefore, here shines again the praise of God, elevated from consecrated spirits".