*Abbazia*  Praglia

Abbazia di Praglia

juridic title*Abbazia*
type of monastery 43 monks , 32 lay oblates CongregationItalian Province (Subl it)address Abbazia di Praglia
Via Abbazia di Praglia 16
I-35037 Teolo (PD)
GMT offsetGMT+01:00
Telephone The number in parenthesis to be skipped when calling from abroad. +39 0499999300
fax +39 0499999344
email address
Email of the
code of closest major airport VCE
closest major city Padova
Padova - Terme Euganee (0) (0)

missionary work
craft work and other products LABORATORIO DI RESTAURO restores old books.
APIS EUGANEA makes cosmetic products out of products of bees (wax, honey, propolis...).
PRATALEA produces many medicinal herbal teas.
SOCIETA' AGRICOLA ABBAZIA DI PRAGLIA is a farming industry specialized in wine, olive oil and honey.
printing and editing EDITRICE SCRITTI MONASTICI publishes books on monastic spirituality and history.
otherA CONGRESS HALL for 200 persons is used for congresses and meetings.
patronale feastOur Lady of the Assumption (15/15)

The Benedictine abbey of Praglia lies at the foot of the Euganean Hills, 12 Km from Padua, along the ancient road leading to Este. Its name derives from Pratalea: a place of meadows.
The monastery was founded somewhere between the end of 11th and the begining of the 12th centuries, but only the bell tower remains of the original medieval structure.
After being suppressed twice in the 19th century - first by Napoleon (1810) and then by the House of Savoy (1867) - the life of prayer and work according to the Rule of St. Benedict resumed again at Praglia on April 26, 1904.
The current abbey complex (1460-1550), whose style charmingly blends late Gothic and early Renaissance styles, is divided into four cloisters. The abbey church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, was constructed between 1490 and 1550, following a design attributed to Tullio Lombardo.