Priory   Bogotá

Monasterio Benedictino de Tibati

Richardton - Assumption juridic titlePriory
type of monastery 9 monks CongregationAmerican Cassinese Congregation (AmCas)address Monasterio Benedictino de Tibati
Calle 193 No. 39-05
Apartado Aereo 52995
Bogota, D.C.
GMT offsetGMT-06:00
Telephone The number in parenthesis to be skipped when calling from abroad. +57 (011) 5715929020
fax 57 (011) 5716700138
email address
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code of closest major airport BOG
closest major city Bogota
schools and institutes 6-18 (1760) (0)

In September 1978 the community entered upon a second educational venture -? a vocational school for students. On February 12, 1979, the new school, named COLEGIO SAN BENITO DE TIBATI, began its classes with 120 students. The school enrolls 460 students in grades seven through twelve.

In addition to the work in the schools, the monks of Tibatí provide pastoral service in nearby convents and parishes. The monks have a liturgical apostolate with people in the area. Furthermore, they live a life devoted to prayer, both public and private, study, fraternal service in community, and help in whatever tasks are necessary in the monastery.