"Life and Peace" Congregation

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foundation date1824
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The monastery "Regina Pacis" at Schotenhof has been founded in 1926 by Dom Constantinus Bosschaerts and nuns associated with the Olivetan Congregation, coming from France via England, and inspired by the ideal of the unity between christians.
Modern chapel and church (XXe century). Oriental chapel also open to the orthodox parish of Antwerp and Breda. Ecumenical contacts. Workshops of art: tapestries, weavings, sculpture, statues, ceramics. Personal and group retreats. Secondary school of classic formation.

monasteries of the Congregation

Schotenhof - Priory 17 nuns 15 lay oblates
Firenze - Regina Pacis Schotenhof - Priory 2 nuns
Ribeirâo Préto - Regina pacis Schotenhof - Priory 6 nuns 8 lay oblates
Turvey - Our Lady of Peace Schotenhof - Priory 10 nuns 70 lay oblates
Moustier-en-Fagne - Priory 4 nuns 20 lay oblates