Samaritans at the Cross of Christ Congregation

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foundation date1926
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The Order of the Benedictine Samaritan Sisters of the Christ`s Cross was established by Venerable Mother Wincenta Jadwiga Jaroszewska (1900-1937) at 6-th of January 1926 in Warsaw. The Order was sanctioned by the diocesan law in 1932 and by the papal law in 1974. Affiliation with the Benedictine Order took place in 1965.
The Charisma of the Benedictine Samaritan order is expressed in consigning themselves over the Lords Glory in the Church liturgical prays and adoration of the Lords justice, in spirit of expiation thorough the service for the most necessitous.
The missionary charitable activity the order is caring in to effect by giving protective and charitable service among intellectually handicapped â?? Social Service Homes and among children and youngsters coming from pathological families â?? Education Centres. The mission reaches also social groups of morally lost, populations from social margins and threatened â?? Single Mothers Homes.
The order nowadays owns 15 monastic homes, the general called â??Samariaâ? is located in Niegó· ´0 km from Warsaw. There is placed the formation home and the monastery that is caring out the missionary activity in Social Service Home. The convent is giving assistance in organizing retreats for groups and individuals searching for God or for those who only wants to expand their internal religious life.

monasteries of the Congregation

Niegów-Samaria - House 27 sisters
Koscielisko Niegów-Samaria - House 2 sisters
Moryn Niegów-Samaria - House 6 sisters
Parchowo Niegów-Samaria - House 5 sisters
Pruszkow - Szkolna - House 6 sisters
Pruszkow - Zbikowska - House 21 sisters
Roma - San Sebastianello - House 3 sisters
Warszawa - Kaweczynska - House 2 sisters
Bielawki - House 13 sisters
Nowobielica - House 4 sisters
Czestochowa - House 5 sisters
Gaj-Fiszor - House 19 sisters
Karwowo - House 3 sisters
Gaj-Fiszor 2 - House 12 sisters