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foundation date1872
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Earlier 1935, some benedictine monks from France first came to Vietnam, and made the first monastic foundation in Dalat. Now there are 4 benedictine monasteries in Vietnam: Thien An in Hue, Thien Hoa in Daklak, Thien Binh in Dong Nai and Thien Phuoc in Hochiminh City. The numbers now stand at 68 solemn monks,

The Vietnamese province was separated from French province in 1997. Its first abbot visitor was Fr. Thadaeus Pham Quang Dien from Thien Binh monastery, and now the second is abbot Stephen Huynh Quang Sanh from Thien An abbey.

monasteries of the Congregation

Thien Hoa Thien An - House 12 monks
Thien An - Abbey 43 monks 3 lay oblates
Thien Binh - Priory 51 monks
Thien Phuoc - Priory 55 monks 28 lay oblates